Monday, October 7, 2013

Fall Fitness Activities

The days are getting shorter and the summer temperatures are fading away, but don’t let that keep your kids from enjoying playtime outside. Fall time is the best time to take advantage of moderate temperatures and find new ways to enjoy the outdoors without the worry of overheating. Regardless of the time of year, keep your family active and healthy by spending time outside trying these fun and simple fitness activities.

Easy Hiking
Hiking can be a great way to simply see new areas around your neighborhood or take in a little time away from suburbia. By looking up easy to moderate trails in your area you can give your kids some adventure by showing them how hiking trails, hills and small mountains can be a great way to instill a sense of accomplishment.

Family Biking
A family biking trip can be a rewarding and fulfilling activity on the weekends. Be sure to choose a desired route to avoid nasty neighborhoods and start early to take advantage of the cool morning air. Also a short ride around the neighborhood or community park after school can be a great way to get everyone ready for dinner.

Park Exploration
Take the kids to the local park or drive a little further to find a regional park. A park can offer an unlimited amount of activities for kids from team games, educational games and all sorts of other things. Create a science scavenger hunt to keep them interested in local wildlife and other natural elements of the park. Also try putting together a fun rewarding game of soccer with other kids for team building.

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