Wednesday, October 2, 2013

10 Easy Everyday Activities To Do With Your Kids

Here at Training 4 Recess, we are focused on making children's health easy and convenient. Our blogs will focus on different topics that relate to children's overall health, fitness, and nutrition. But let's start with something simple - everyday activities that you can do with your kids to them active and healthy.

Our list of 10 Easy Everyday Activities To Do With Your Kids:

1.  Play Simple Games in your Front Yard
Some ideas could be kick the can, doing a treasure hunt, and playing with sidewalk chalk! All easy games that do not take too much to prep for.

2. Do Yard Work
 Maybe start a garden where you can use the vegetables to cook with. This will help you conquer the weeds but also could be fun for your children who don't mind getting a little dirty.

3. Have a Car Wash
Children love bubbles...Try bringing the car(s) out and sudz'n it up! 

4. Make Food Together
Get in the kitchen and make some homemade granola bars, blend up some fruit smoothies, or use a Yonanas Machine to make healthy ice cream out of fruit! 

5. Go on a Hike
Find a local trail and go on an adventure and maybe collect some rocks and other cool trinkets on the way.

6. Walk the Dog
Rover needs some fitness in his life too, so grab the leash and enjoy your neighborhood with the whole family (including the 4 legged members).

7. Go for a Swim
Get out the swimsuits and find some time to play games in the pool and could be a good time to work on your children's swimming skills. 

8.  Visit the Park
This could be easy as using the playground, or kite flying, and with a little preparation - having a picnic!

9. Take the Bikes Out
Decide on a location with your children and ride out! Maybe visit a local pet store or museum.

10. Most importantly, Enjoy a Good Night's Sleep
All of us, especially the little ones, need to get their zzz's in. Read stories at night and try to get your young'ns in for bed to get their 8 hours of sleep so they can be rested for another healthy day.

Good Luck and let us know if you like our ideas or if you have more at

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