Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Time Issues for Parents

The biggest regret a parent can have is spending too much time at work when the children were young.  Spending family quality time has been decreasing through the years due to the demands of modern life.  A new survey says that parents and children spend less than eight hours together in total each week. 

During the week, the amount of time parents and their children spend time together average to just 36 minutes as families try to work between work, chores, school and extra-curricular activities.  Even when families are together, most of the time they are spent sitting in silence while watching TV, reading a book, or playing computer games.  Weekends are slightly better, as family spend on average of two hours and twenty minutes on both Saturdays and Sundays. 

As parents, it is easy to forget that their little ones are young and it’s easy to imagine your child being that age forever.  The only real time that families spend time together is when they go on holiday and vacations. 
They key is to schedule time with your children and show that they are important.  By taking  10-15 minutes to bond with your children can have a huge impact in the future.

The pace of modern life can distance family members, but we urge families to reestablish bonds and connections with their family members and create precious memories. 

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