Friday, November 15, 2013

How You Can Stay Healthy And Still Eat Out

Everyone loves food that is quick and easy. Who doesn’t love being able to feed their family without even getting out of the car? Not to mention just trying to get that picky eater (that only wants junk food) to eat something! Just because it’s fast, doesn’t mean it’s the best thing for you and your family. Those McDonald’s fries that many people love are NOT just potatoes, salt and oil. They actually contain SEVENTEEN different ingredients including things that are used as sealants, listed as hazardous for ingestion! They even contain TBHQ which chemical makeup is similar to lighter fluid. This is linked to asthma, skin conditions, hormone disruption and cancer.

Does your child love soda? Other than the weight related issues that soda can cause, including diabetes, there are a mouth full of cavities and many ingredients that can also be detrimental to your child’s health. Some sodas contain industrial chemicals that are used as a flame retardant in plastics which is known to cause memory loss and nerve damage.

Alternatives? Other than good old fashioned water, try substituting that bubbly soda with some flavored sparkling water such as Sparkling Ice. It contains zero calories, and has zero grams of sodium.

If you must go out to eat, try making some healthier choices from the menu.

Instead of:                                                                         Try:

Double patty hamburger with all the toppings           Single patty hamburger with no cheese and especially no mayo.

Fried chicken                                                                      Grilled chicken

Salad with ranch, croutons, and cheese                       Garden salad with grilled chicken and low- fat dressing on the side

French fries                                                                        Baked potato, sweet potato fries, fruit, salad

Shake                                                                                  Greek yogurt with fruit

Fried chicken                                                                     Skinless un-breaded chicken breast

Refried beans                                                                    Black beans

Ham, bacon, meatballs, steak                                        Roast beef, chicken breast, lean ham

Cheddar cheese, American cheese                               Swiss cheese or Mozzarella

White bread sandwich                                                    Whole grain and/or take off top layer of bread

Fried white rice                                                                 Steamed brown rice

Battered or fried                                                               Steamed, baked, roasted or broiled

Thick crust pizza                                                               Thin crust pizza with light cheese and veggie toppings

  Remember: Moderation is important. Make sure not to go overboard with the portions. Drink water before eating your meal, it will fill your stomach so you won’t eat more than you need to.

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